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Fabricating identity cards to escape the real-name authentication will soon introduce anti-indulgenc

Authentication will butt ---

Online game fatigue system on July 16 since the start, after 10 days of Yun Xing, indeed 涓?畾 extent, resolved the independent continuous playing minor problems, but in Shenfen Zheng Yanzhengfangmian, popular online Zhengzai "identity card number Generator ", to the anti-fatigue system caused some impact.

This situation has changed now, yesterday, Press and Publication Administration of electronic and Internet publishing audio and video management Kou Xiaowei, deputy director, said in an interview in the "very short period of time," indulging in anti-ID card system will verify with the Ministry of Public Security system to achieve interoperability, then, the ID number associated with real names, fake ID cards solve the problem, so as to prevent part of the identity card numbers made up of players to avoid fatigue system.

鈼?successful implementation of anti-indulgence

Kou Xiaowei said in an interview a few days ago: Anti-addicted online game currently in force, although not perfect, but that is the use of technical means, a measure of real. To a large extent, on the protection of minors players will certainly play a very good role. He also introduced the country's online game companies was extremely positive, including some large foreign companies actively cooperate with, therefore, the promotion of online game fatigue system in terms of overall very smooth.

Press and Publication Administration online game fatigue system test group, since the full implementation of the July 16 online game fatigue system has been operating on the 102 companies operating in 243 games online games section conducted a survey, most of the game system has been opened and put into use, check the operators were found with respect to 20 enterprises in 29 of the provisions of paragraph Wang Luo game fails to complete the anti-indulgence systems development effort which involved did not conduct any form of anti-addicted development enterprises have 7, fails to complete the development within the prescribed time There are 10, failure to develop standards for registration does not provide minors with three.

Kou Xiaowei introduced involving not the implementation of anti obsessed companies are of the system, "these 20 companies have different reasons, through our understanding, in part because The fatigue systems understanding for the inconsistent example, some enterprises of the product is under 18 are prohibited Wei adults registered, so I think they do not need to use anti-fatigue system, but this game we have on the system requirements to identify whether there is a minor registry. Another part of the foreign joint venture failed to develop the corresponding system. We have asked them to meet the deadline requirements will be immediately halted if expired. "

鈼?For some users, a "clever move" conflict "prevention"

Current domestic online game players in the minors account for considerable proportion of the launch of the anti-fatigue system, some players really caused no small impact. One player said: had good time Haohao De game, suddenly changed to only play 3 hours, do a little depressed, although there are ways to avoid saying what, but always point to disperse energy.

Fatigue system provides: a minor less than 3 hours total game time is "healthy" game time. More than three hours after 2 hours game time to "fatigue" time, during which the player gains will be halved. Game time accumulated more than five hours, was "unhealthy" game time, revenue will drop to zero. Linear time players will also be a cumulative basis, only when the accumulated time of downline up to 5 hours before game time accumulated on the line was cleared, the game returns back to normal.

Now widely used by young players, "Penetration" is mainly use the "identity card number generator" to generate an adult identity card number, to authenticate to get rid of "minors" mark, to deceive, "anti- indulging in the system. " There are more than a game player through the account number, or more games for a fun way to avoid, but it is understood that only a small number of players will use this approach.

鈼?upcoming real-name authentication

Kou Xiaowei, said in an interview, the current Press and Publication Administration and Ministry of Public Security have reached a consensus to be in a very short period of time indulging in the anti-ID card verification system and the Ministry of Public Security system combined to solve the "identity card number generator "issue.

ID card verification system, identity card number and real name will correspond only to have a ID number is no longer able to fool the anti-fatigue system, the player ID number must be uploaded real name while uploading the same in order to be confirmed , and "ID generator" can never be the real name is also "build" out.

Although a minor player may also use this or that way to avoid management, but with the anti-fatigue system of gradual improvement and strengthening of its role will become increasingly apparent to some extent, solve the minors online game addiction problem. Of course, only rely on a system to solve this problem is not enough, the network game addiction also requires the joint efforts of the community, including a rich extracurricular lives of minors and using a more rigorous approach to management of Internet cafes and crack down on illegal Internet cafes, etc. so. Minors will get better and better network environment.


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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Interview with Eastman Kodak Asia Pacific Director of Human Resources is pleased to Ms.

Eastman Kodak Company by inventor George - Eastman was founded in 1880, is headquartered in Rochester, NY. Kodak is the "information image" one of the industry's major players, the main business areas of medical imaging, commercial printing and business imaging, displays and components as well as digital and film imaging systems.

1927 Kodak Company in Shanghai office. Aversion beef, Kodak to invest in China more than eleven billion dollars, has established a perfect production base and sales network in Xiamen, set up the Asia Pacific's largest film and paper production base, as well as the world's largest disposable camera production base; Kodak in China established the world's largest digital camera production base in Shanghai to establish Asia-Pacific Product Development Center and the world's second world-class medical imaging research and development centers and regional technical service centers.

Kodak's global workforce of about seven million people. Currently, Kodak's Asia Pacific Headquarters in Shanghai, China set up in about 30 offices, with 5,000 employees.

Reporter: You're so long in the Kodak company and never looking from another company, you think Kodak Shi Yao is the most attractive place you?

Pleased: I graduated from college, they also interviewed a lot of good companies, but I admired the company should be very humane treatment of employees, and very particular about team spirit. Therefore, when the job of the company's corporate culture and values are right for you, this is very important. In the Kodak for 10 years, I have also spent six months interviewing over a number of other well-known company, but I find their corporate culture is not for me. If a company will pursue success and excellence at all, sometimes to the detriment of the interests of staff and team, this company will certainly not for me. The Kodak is a company emphasis on human management, so I stayed behind.

Reporter: graduating from college, you enter the Kodak has more than 23 years, this is a Kodak company retain talent in this area unique?

Pleased: "respect for the individual" is the Kodak treatment of employees, the criteria for treatment of colleagues. We also have senior positions hired directly from outside, but we look more internal staff and good work, and we trust our employees. We do value their work results, but we also attach importance to the process of working staff, but also attention to how to give employees a good, fair treatment, we attach great importance to this process to preserve our culture and values. Each company will experience a smooth and difficult period of time, but we will not change their values. Kodak's turnover has been relatively low, many employees because of corporate culture like here to stay, they believe they have been treated fairly. Even those who intend to leave, I will communicate with them, to share their experiences with them, I want to leave the most suitable talents Kodak. In the United States, there have been a senior manager for Kodak in jumping to the world-renowned consulting firm as vice chairman, and later she and I said, if you want to come back Kodak, told me. And she is really back. Working long hours in the Kodak, you will find that the high level of income is certainly good, but not the most important.
Reporter: Did you know that Kodak's employees leave the company and its prospects after?

Happy: In fact Kodak's turnover rate is not high. For example, recently one of our public relations department to consider their children's education staff for New Zealand immigration. She is very excellent, so we also hope to arrange for her to join Kodak in New Zealand, but unfortunately there no jobs for her. Thus, we first hope is to retain those good employees.
Reporter: Kodak is how to staff the process and combine the results?

Pleasure: First, Kodak's development of each employee to be "staff development", this process is not formulaic, different departments and different posts about the scheme is also different. The plan must cover all key information, for example, you say you want to very specific short-and long-term goal is to Shen Yao, your next job is Shiyao, or you wish to receive Shiyao new jobs, want to do an even unitary kind of project, hope to Shiyao sector job rotation, training programs want what I hope have nay teacher training. Planning process, staff needs and their supervisors, managers discuss.
Then, from managers to assess the program. Take me, I am in the United States and talk to my boss I want to have an international exchange opportunities, and I in my own "staff development" specifically wanted to come to China to do Shi Yao said, what I goals, my boss thought it was a good idea, let me come to China.
Next, managers need to observe the staff to track the process of implementation of the plan, employees in the course of their work in time to adjust goals, and receive the necessary support. Of course, in assessing the results, we have to listen to employees in addition to the direct supervisor feedback, we should also listen to staff their own evaluation. For example ask you satisfied with the process of implementation of the plan, if you want to get training and guidance, we require employees to be self-evaluation. Because no one than you can judge the process.
Note: the staff to achieve program objectives in the process involves a variety of training methods, which result is the best?

Pleasure: I do not think to get the diploma or training courses on the training of the best, I think the best form of training, job training, and by working with people to learn. Our staff of instructors and coaches to come from Kodak's senior leader. That is, if you are a leader in the Kodak, you also must have a staff of instructors. Of course, for those who have the potential to have employees who wish to become future managers, we will encourage them to job rotation, to the various departments, are familiar with the company's operations and business, and accumulated experience in all aspects.
Note: to be able to hear the views of individual employees, it will inevitably need to be very clear communication,'re so large multinationals, to achieve seamless communication, whether it means that the personnel structure of the flat?

Pleased: Kodak need to be very direct comments and feedback from employees, not just executives, opinion leaders. Some employees may not want to directly talk with their immediate manager, they want to hear the different proposals, the company that they can find people to communicate at any level. Some companies may only have lower levels of communication to the immediate superior, and in Kodak, no such clear boundaries. For example, a company dealing with debris of the aunt, she had no idea, can come to me directly to talk, I will be treated as seriously as CEO, patiently listen to her.
However, Kodak still has more detailed personnel division, different employees have different job title. This is to clear the respective responsibilities, but also facilitate the external communication.

Reporter: Speaking of communication, Kodak famous "Kodak female employees Forum" be an example. NA me in this forum HR role to play Shen Yao?

Pleased: This Forum Kodak around the world have, but only the female employees is not simply access, in Shanghai, the chairman of this forum once held by a male. HR department is just one and the same as equal participants in other sectors. HR policies are not directly derived from this forum. But this forum so we can see the views of employees, such as discussion forums to the career development of female employees, including their career development plan in the implementation of Kodak's experience, views and so on. A former employee to get a Kodak, a global women's Staff Award, which is very encouraging news, we Kodak countries all around the forum to promote open.

Reporter: Eastman Kodak said that 30 employees are women, women managers and above have a higher percentage of workers, out of which to consider such a choice?

Pleased: Kodak and other employees in the proportion of female employees may be a little different, mainly focus on the company diversified workforce. But we do not assume that what jobs are suitable for men than for women on. For example, our HR department, a former employee said she was more interested in the operation type of work, let her turn in the past, women can be excellent engineers. The most important is that you clearly like you want to go Shiyao career path you want to 浠?购. Kodak gives you a realization of the ideal space.
Reporter: Eastman Kodak Company, whether in the traditional film industry or the current digital field, has always been the market leader, this mean that Kodak's employees always work under strong pressure? How employees stress management?

Pleased: Kodak's "of the health sector" will be concerned about the staff time physical and psychological health. At work pressure, global competition is fierce now, there will be any work pressure. In the Kodak, if an employee feel that the heavy workload, or too little time with family and vacation time he wants, he can to his head or directly and I said, it can be said of the health sector. We try to make employees feel that the balance of the work. For example, Kodak's high-level needs of the global conference call, which experienced jet lag, Kodak's approach is to choose a time acceptable to all, for example here is the evening, there in the morning, it made us all feel fit.
In addition, sometimes how employees feel pressure, and their boss's management style related. I used to work in the digital sector, very hard, often overtime, projects are under great pressure, but my boss, an outstanding Chinese people, it often tells jokes, even in the most serious of the meeting, also so the atmosphere is very pleasant, very interesting, so we are very relaxed.
Note: HR departments and corporate strategy relationship between the Shen Yao?

Pleased: Kodak has from the establishment of the enterprise value has not changed much. HR department first is to continue the implementation of such a culture, so that our team has such a creed, so that our business is always at work to comply with this standard, so that our employees are well treated and respected. For example, in 70 years, Kodak has found a batch of our products have some problems, when we hesitate to destroy these products allow the company to bear all economic risk, they do not want to damage the trust Kodak customers. Our customers and employees are the same loyalty and honesty, which is very rare. But all the company's long-term goals are achieved through staff, therefore, respect and good to their employees, is an important part of HR work. On some time ago, in charge of our health to the health sector and I said, we Xiamen's three short-term contract workers suffered a car accident in hospital, we would like to take the initiative to go and they do health insurance, or to give as much as possible help with medical expenses, not that the staff was hurt, the company make a clean break with them.

Reporter: You always more than 20 years working in human resources, why not go to other departments?

Pleased: I university was industrial and labor relations, when they thought of college continues to read Law. But since joined the Kodak, but here I am very interested in doing HR work, so think about 3 years to go to school to leave some unfortunate, so they gave up. But Kodak is now president and chairman of the Asia-Pacific Region, Ms. Kesi Min HR background is original, and later transferred her to the business sector, and to do a good job, not to return to HR departments. She and I had a similar start, but then the choice is different. So the question I feel that if you like one kind of work, you want to have to do so. Moreover, there are many opportunities for job rotation to confirm you want to do most Shiyao kind of work. The HR department also has a number of different internal division of labor positions. Not long ago, one of our marketing staff had to do to and I said, he wants to try other work, even though he had no HR experience, but I find him quite the quality of HR, such as he has a very rich interview experience, coaching staff development experience, the experience of the development strategy, so I suggested he joined the HR department.
Reporter: Do you think to be an excellent HR, whether starting from the most basic exercise it?

Pleasure: to become a senior human resource managers, mainly in two ways, one of course, is to start from the grassroots, and slowly raise up. Another is that you can turn from other departments to do HR. The key is to look at the quality of your suitability to do HR. I personally think that the essential difference between two means not Shiyao. Of course, if you had not done HR's, the company will give you a lot of in-service training opportunities, but also allows you to participate in local meetings and activities of various HR industry, of course, you have mentors to help you, make you a more excellent HR practitioners.
Reporter: You think we like you to become a successful international manager, what qualities and experience necessary?

Pleasure: First, you must be broad-minded. No matter where you work, if you believe that people are kind, tolerant, honest, NA me even if you do not understand the local culture, local people will get help.
Second, you learn faster. A few years ago I got a EMBA degree, but I think the most important gains of this process is broadened my vision and ideas, so my knowledge is more abundant, so I think more legislation. But I do not think that in order to broaden their horizons and that it must read EMBA.
Of course, Kodak's senior managers do you need at least worked in the two countries to experience local culture through different peoples. In addition, learning the local language is also very important, I am now learning the language.

Ms. Cynthia High-Fischmann pleased Introduction
Ms. pleased graduated from Cornell University in Industrial and Labor Relations, in May 1999 as Senior Master of Business Administration graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology. Ms. pleased so far since 1981 has served as Kodak's human resource management positions, who have Kodak digital imaging of global human resources vice president, in December 2003 as vice president of Kodak's Asia Pacific Region, Human Resources Director to Shanghai.


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Female Employment: Shuobo difficult job there is the cycle undergraduate

PRC's Kin Yan area coverage: Female graduate looking for a job as female undergraduate students - many in the "51" is still busy holiday fresh female graduate student looking for work and found this so difficult for them to accept.


Guangzhou, a key university graduate women of history is a small volume local biogenic Guangzhou, until "51" holiday, she had half a year in more than 30 units put in your resume, including "very few people interested, salary is not high" and popular units, but only in exchange for the five units in an interview.

History where a small volume professional, fresh graduate students more than 30 people, has identified the work of less than 1 / 3, mostly boys, a number of high academic achievers into the employment of female graduate students "persistent." And graduating with a no return of 28 undergraduate, after the Spring Festival almost finalized the work. A university career center in Guangzhou, a teacher told journalists on April 1 of this year, the school has 91% of undergraduate female students to implement, but not graduate signature rate of female graduates to Liu Cheng.

According to the Ministry of Personnel issued the employment of college graduates receiving survey, from 2003 to 2005, the graduate employment rate increased slightly, while the student is in school and the employer during the contract year by year the proportion has decreased - down 76.7% graduate from to 40.7%, undergraduate students dropped from 68.2% to 40%, the former fell 8% more than the latter.

Facing the "age embarrassing"

Press survey found that female graduate students face in the job "age embarrassed." They almost always asked to be married and the recruitment unit problem, some units even clear that "two years may not marry and have children," but this requirement does not in written form in the employment contract. Similar to the professional female graduate of Normal particularly widespread.

University of fresh political row in a female professional Master of small temperature, is planning to defer graduate school for a year and consider if it is still difficult to find work, then proceed to PhD. She says: "In a job on the road, a comparable level of men and women graduate students is difficult at the same starting line of fair competition, can only pin their hopes on a higher starting point." So, after reading Master Ph.D., a graduate of the frustration of some women choose. The problem is that the current education system, about 25-year-old master's graduate, doctoral graduate has nearly 30 years, female graduate student in marriage and childbirth is just the peak period, the employer had scruples.

There is "job cycle"

In this regard, a human resources company, said a senior business director, female master's and doctoral students seem to have entered a "vicious circle job": work hard to find time for Master impress others, but the more up time, the more difficult to find work.

Difficult job of all the female graduate students, has received attention in society. Chinese Academy of Social Labor and Social Security Research Centre-Wei Zhang believes that women graduate job search experience on the age and gender differences in treatment, because of the current job market is "buyer's market", the employer in a good position, female graduate job seekers I hardly make a difference, it should be called as soon as possible gender and age discrimination legislation.

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Cottage in China

The end of 2008, when the "cottage" is vague and ambiguous words suddenly became popular. First cottage phone to mobile phone looks exactly like Western brands and an incredible cheap to go from village to village, selling in China. And then the cottage flat panel TV, notebook cottage, to the cottage network drama, cottage network ...... a happy time, and the Divine everywhere "cottage." Flaunt the grassroots spirit and rebellious spirit behind the Chinese traditional culture and modern lakes Pirates combination of business culture gave birth to a hybrid approach to a challenge to demonstrate their concept of intellectual property digestion and original sense of the real mockery. From October 2005 to become the national strategy of independent innovation, China's business by 2008 popular "cottage" is a Chinese enterprise is traveled this difficult road of innovation in a highly symbolic portrayal.

For example, we are very familiar with the manufacturing of the smile curve, Chinese enterprises in global value chain position, in general, depend on our company's product research and development capabilities and brand marketing capabilities. Brand marketing on the three state can use "quality, taste and character," to summarize, first, reliable performance and quality, then design and technology, the last representative of the spirit of modern business ethics never exceed the business. However, in China, the brand marketing has become the business use of consumer information asymmetry and irrational way of thinking to mislead and deceive consumers, and various forms of so-called "marketing innovation." Opened a business magazine, full of thousands of people side of the marketing plan the company's advertising, and the reform and opening up have been active around the "ideas company" achieving the same. Unfortunately, there is no "quality, taste and character" as a basis, no matter how comprehensive look "marketing innovation", has been burst, the brand will be worthless.

Compared with the brand innovation, research and innovation capacity is a more basic, no product-based brand innovation is built on sand tower, mission impossible, sooner or later be exposed to exaggerated or even unworthy of the name of truth. But look at R & D innovation, the huge one China, but there is hardly a bright spot. Homogeneous competition everywhere due to a piece of blood, not to mention the radical innovation, construction innovation, and even examples of incremental innovation is not easy to find. Export-oriented industries as 2 (R & D and marketing) from home, used their hands instead of brain to make money, perhaps a time to change, however; but very strange is that many of the inward-looking industry for the Chinese market is also generally seem to lose a down to earth, starting from the customers and consumers the ability to think. Piracy has become righteous, original transformed into the cottage, The prevalence of almost the whole of China should become a cottage version of the United States or Europe will stop.

A cultural planners told me privately, many areas of business, and doing business in China, or do not engage in any more insurance, a number of innovations, what are popular abroad, especially popular in China, will normally . Under the tide of globalization, most people in the loss of self, loss of identity, loss of self-confidence to not even know what the situation, what we talk about innovation? Perhaps this is the kind of shortage of the past 30 years we did not choose Way of the chase style modernization process, had to pay a painful price? further, Such an bow pull cart, do not look up the road temporarily to set aside the direction of the practice problems, perhaps we are faced with another huge gap between the objective When a last resort?

Achieve any goal, the price is always a certain degree unavoidable, the key is how to make the minimum to avoid unnecessary costs. Cf a phase of modernization of the West and the default target, at all costs, against all odds to advance following the lead of this CD-chase style modernization limitations, many people have begun to recognize the. We certainly do not go to the other extreme, back to the kind of things are within us, what our ancestors have, and what better than other conservative mindset and mental preparedness. This kind of mentality we take the initiative looks very stressed, but in essence is a kind of weak, loser, self-victim mentality. We need to do is stop the process of chasing, carefully think about these we would have to think about the question: where to go its own in the end, goals need to adjust; how to reach that goal, whether there is a variety of ways ; how to choose a least cost way to avoid turning back; and so on.

How to find a road of independent innovation, not just technology-related, not a noble character, it is impossible to have a good expert, not through history, culture and ideas of a broad humanistic perspective, and we alone will be hard to expect the technical depth, a riding driving into the distance. Independent innovation of Chinese enterprises are also more than just the problem, no education, science and technology, and cultural innovations such as deep-seated reform of Support, 涓?柟闈?no way we emphasize the humanistic heritage relying unable to inheritance, Lingyifangmian, independent innovation of enterprises will also loss of reserves and strategic depth of knowledge. A long period of time, most of our companies will continue to plague the bottom in the global value chain, no how. The reason is very simple, not the United States, the success of research universities, there will be across the ocean waves from the new technology wave; not France, Italy and splendid Renaissance, there would be these countries is almost the number of money sitting in the luxury industry; not Japanese culture, Japanese education team's proven, there would be Toyota's Japanese manufacturing miracle. China's reform and opening up 30 years in the economic sector, the business community for 30 years of tremendous change cheered when, educational, scientific and cultural remains monolithic, unwittingly, has become the most difficult to break through the old system, a strong fortress. Their enterprise level innovation support weak, Chinese companies will sooner or later, the Chinese economy into a bottomless abyss


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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shi Jun: everything from the integration start

"Power industry is a high degree of technical complexity, technical maturity, high requirements, technical risks are high for the 'three highs' industry. It is also a much industry attention." Shanghai Waigaoqiao Power Generation Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to outside Shanghai Takahashi generation) Information Centre Shi Jun said that "coal policy, the linkage change in the price of residential electricity prices will rise, even though Shanghai is a city CPI index high, but still give users the power of electricity great pressure on the market. you want in such a market environment, to win breathing space for the power plant, IT integration is still an opportunity worth trying. "

Shanghai Waigaoqiao Power Generation Co., Shi Jun, director of corporate information

Shi Junping and sat in front of reporters, but this one they may not surprise people, often referred to the power industry and information technology business cases, is inevitably some emotion. Information in any type of non-IT firms are a special role, and strong dependence on the technology industry is, IT is involved with a number of backbone enterprises nerves.

Discrete data without complicated database has been learned, deep to the earliest times groups used in all Microsoft products, and as enterprise's unceasing development, in many key production side has begun using Unix and Oracle products in non-critical in the field to retain Microsoft's products. Shanghai Waigaoqiao power generation this year and next year's main task is the basis of existing, integrated IT architecture.

Goal of harmonization of export is to integrate

Shanghai Waigaoqiao power within the current system of many, at the operational level is not uniform, and management process, many issues need to be resolved. To enter the corresponding system were to adjust. "For example, look at business management level, operating conditions, to enter the ERP system. But first have to know the operation method of ERP systems, but also trained." Shi Jun said, "so that the formation of a thing in the Control and after a reasonable analysis. decision-making can only see the result, but can not directly control. "

The integration over the system hope that was presented to the user a single interface. User interface not see this part of their system, and his interest in customized content. The manager concerned may at any time access to all content at a glance. Including the handling of the ongoing issues, project implementation status, can find the control points.

Shi Jun analogy, integrated over the system is like holding a newspaper at home users, all the contents of this newspaper are customized according to your points of interest, the system will be the most important information on the first pages of . The business managers will see the operation and management of enterprise recently as well as to deal with every day matters.

These functions will be unified through the SAP ERP platform to display, and users only need to remember your login password, enter the interface of the system will automatically based on user identity, extract useful information.

Shi Jun, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Power Generation Integration of information the task started in August 2007, led by the IT department is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2008.

Known for their different platforms on each system function integration points, technical difficulties are different. Shanghai Waigaoqiao Power of SAP products in the Microsoft platform structure above. "Power industry and other manufacturing different product than by a single production, the calculation is very special. Manufacturing industry will have a lot of data, the speed is very fast, over time the accumulation of too much data." Shi Jun, "The data generated by the power generation industry is discrete, in the accumulation of the database will not bring direct pressure. So technically, Unix and Oracle as the way the best, but it is not necessary in the power generation industry so, a simple database to meet the demand. "clear framework for further hands-on

Shi Jun, integrated enterprise IT architecture that although this must be done, but it did not happen overnight, it is imperative to be cognizant of enterprise IT architecture, consider integrated planning.

Shanghai Waigaoqiao power generation in IT architecture, the Information Center is located in the Planning Division the following. This is one more important part is the support system, in this system is the head of the vice president for production, while the IT department on behalf of Shi Jun, as deputy director. The business unit is further down, the functions in the business sector, the division is done according to the regional ownership of ERP system, in accordance with the module to distinguish between different support system. Production of the production support system, financial system, and with financial support, as well as IT support system, and all the normal business operation and maintenance are supported by IT. IT support system for operation and maintenance will introduce ITIL approach, including the application of the operation and maintenance, network operation and maintenance and so on. This is the Shanghai Waigaoqiao Power Generation in 2008 and even 2009, the focus of IT and business integration, and the actual technology.

"International ITIL more or a concept, and the actual gap between the big, real according to this standard, then no domestic company can do down." Shi Jun said, "can only be according to the characteristics of enterprises, and then use the market some of the mature product, combining both do. the focus should be the application level and the combination of the daily operation and maintenance. and many domestic manufacturers are concerned about ITIL equipment assets to collect statistics, which for many companies is meaningless Most companies can not do, and there is no IT department of state-owned enterprises and the problem of clearing business; the second is the collection of server status, and collected a lot of alarm information to the IT department, but police could not identify what information is useful . This shows that most of the domestic manufacturers have not stood on the user's point of view, there is no analysis of the problem from a business point of view. The business and application point of view is precisely the most effective and also inform the company most in need of products. "

Integration with IT business

The purpose of integration, the final analysis, to use IT to integrate all business units in all, form a communication platform between the various departments.

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Got hit by Baidu PPC

Businesses pay the fee, will be able to keyword search top hits --- "PPC" Baidu has been to the core business model, and be steady in operation for many years, has recently been struck by Interrogation .

Tangshan crown Jue Baidu PPC because of dissatisfaction with a lawyer to apply to the SAIC launched antitrust investigations against Baidu, known as "Internet the first antitrust case."

The rival Google in a timely manner, "a foot" and openly criticized the "China's search engine" lack of impartiality by business interests around the search results.

Baidu attacked front and rear, struggling to cope. Baidu executives are striving to maintain the PPC innocence: "The recent spate of accusations against Baidu is clearly the result of some competitors, malicious speculation."

Impartiality can be discussed, too far-fetched accusations monopoly

Li Changqing submitted in the "anti-monopoly investigation application", the reporter saw three issues of its request for all the "anti-monopoly law" or not. However, the "anti-monopoly law," only eight chapters 57 general requirement, can be described as very "streamlined." In the details have not yet brought into force, similar to the search engine technology to bring these new problems that the application of the law, are not yet, if simply "extensive" legal provisions to be pigeon-holing on too far-fetched.

And Li Changqing has also revealed that the SAIC has not received a non-filing the anti-monopoly office to confirm. PPC event outcome is still unknown.

However, this incident also reflects the profit model search engine dilemma. In the current environment, Internet companies, if not occupied, "one of the best" status, survival would be very difficult, including Robin Li of Baidu led search site Alibaba team led by Ma and Jason Jiang of Focus Media and other hands. From the "Internet Lab" published "Chinese high-tech antitrust investigation report" shows that in the 37 "anti-monopoly blacklist" in Baidu, Google, Taobao all on the list. If a single dominant market position in Baidu search on the ruling as a "monopoly", apparently lost in arbitrary.

In a way, "Antimonopoly Law" is the anti-monopoly act, not the monopolistic market position. Baidu PPC business model is reasonable, it hurt the integrity of information, which can be discussed, but the rush to the monopoly of Baidu wear hats, but inevitably far-fetched.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Learning regular expressions entirely Manual: Getting Started guide rookie

Regular expressions can be pretty scary, very real terrorist. Fortunately, once expressed to remember the meaning of each symbol, fear will be quickly dissipated. If you know anything about regular expressions, as the title of the article, then you have a lot to learn. Let us get started.

Section I: Basic Learning

Java regular expression queries to achieve the conditions of

Regular expression group Xiangjie

3 minutes to let you know what regular expressions cited VB.NET ..

Three minutes to learn PHP regular expressions

Interpretation of multiple lines of PHP regular expression matching the code shown ..

Want to efficiently learn and master the regular expression, the key is to spend a day to remember all the symbols. This is probably the best I can offer suggestions. To sit down and do some memory cards, and then remember them. The following is the most common symbols:

. - Matches any character, except newline (if dotall is false).

* - The symbol of the preceding character, match 0 or more times.

+ - The symbol of the preceding character, match 1 or more times

? - The symbol of the preceding character is optional. Match 0 or 1.

d - matches any single number.

w - matches any character (including alphanumeric and underscore).

[XYZ] - matches any character set in a character, that is, X, Y, Z in any one.

[XYZ] + - match the character set in one or more characters.

$ - Matches the end of the string position.

^ - Matches the beginning of the string position.

[^ Az] - When in a character class, the ^ that NOT (non); for the sample that matches any non-lowercase letters.

Boring bar, but still remember them, remember that you will know after benefits.


Do you think an expression is correct, very correct, but just can not get the desired results, then you may have hair Baguang impulses. RegExr desktop application to download it, it is essential to you, and play together very interesting. It provides real-time checks, as well as a sidebar, which contains the definition of each character and the user, very detailed.

Section II: Regular expression fool Tutorial: screenshots video

The next step is to learn how to really use these symbols. If video is your preference, you luck. There are five courses of video tutorials, ideal for you: "regular expression tutorial fool."

(Jeffery Way: In this series of video tutorials, I will give you how JavaScript and PHP in the efficient use of regular expressions. I will assume you are starting from scratch.)

Section III: Regular Expressions and JavaScript

This section is the last section, we look at methods of how to use JavaScript regular expressions.

1. Test ()

This method takes a single string parameter and returns a Boolean value indicating whether to find a criticism. If you do not need to match the results of a particular operation, for example, verify the user name, "test" method has been enough to complete this task.


var username = 'JohnSmith'; alert (/ [A-Za-z_-] + /. test (username)); / / returns true

In the above code, we first declare a regular expression that allows only uppercase or lowercase letters, underscores and hyphens. Acceptable character of these brackets, you specify a character set. Followed by the + sign indicates that we want are looking for is one or more of the aforementioned character group of characters. And then use the paradigm of the variable "JohnSmith" test. Because of matching, the browser display box will show true.

2. Split ()

You may be very familiar with the split method has been. The method accepts a single regular expression, that where a "split." Please note that if you like, you can also use the string.

var str = 'this is my string'; alert (str.split (/ s /)); / / alerts "this, is, my, string"

S in the code above that a single space, through which we will split into an array of strings. If you want to visit a particular value, you can use the corresponding index.

var str = 'this is my this string'; alert (str.split (/ s /) [3]); / / alerts "string"

3. Replace ()

You may have thought, replace method can be used as part of the text in (by the string or regular expression that) replaced with a different string.


If you want to "Hello, World" into "Hello, Universe", you can use the following code:

var someString = 'Hello, World'; someString = someString.replace (/ World /, 'Universe'); alert (someString); / / alerts "Hello, Universe"

Should be noted that, for this simple example, we could simply use. Replace ('World', 'Universe'). In addition, the use replace method does not automatically override the value of the variable, we must once again return value assigned to the variable: someString.

Example 2

As another example, suppose the user to register an account on our site, we may want to provide some basic safety precautions. Maybe we want to leave their user name, and remove any other symbols, quotation marks, semicolons, etc.. JavaScript and regular expressions for the implementation of these tasks is trivial little things pile.

var username = 'J; ohnSmith ;@%'; username = username.replace (/ [^ A-Za-zd_-] + /,''); alert (username); / / JohnSmith; @%

The last generation to see the display value, some may think the above code is wrong. This is not true. You look, you will find the letter "J" was deleted after the semicolon, as we expect. To tell the engine to continue the search string to find more matches, we can do directly behind the end of the slash to add a "g", the modifier or mark that "global (overall)." The revised code is as follows:

var username = 'J; ohnSmith ;@%'; username = username.replace (/ [^ A-Za-zd_-] + / g,''); alert (username); / / alerts JohnSmith

Now, regular expression search the entire string, replace all the necessary characters. Let us look at the key expression (. Replace (/ [^ A-Za-zd_-] + / g,'');), to note that the up arrow in brackets (ie ^) is very important. When on the character group, the symbol "find all is not ... ...." Now back in to see the code, it said, to find all is not letters, numbers (indicated by the d), underscore or hyphen symbol; If a match is found, replace the air, in fact, is to remove the character.

4. Match ()

And test different methods, match () returns a array of all the criticism found.


var name = 'JeffreyWay'; alert (name.match (/ e /)); / / alerts "e"

The above code will display a letter "e". However, the string "JeffreyWay" in fact contains two e. Similarly, we have to use the modifier "g" to declare a global search.

var name = 'JeffreyWay'; alert (name.match (/ e / g)); / / alerts "e, e"

If you want to show that these specific values in the array A, can be referenced in brackets do you want to index.

var name = 'JeffreyWay'; alert (name.match (/ e / g) [1]); / / alerts "e"

Example 2

Let's see next example, to ensure that our understanding of it is correct.

var string = 'This is just a string with some 12345 and some! @ # $ mixed in.'; alert (string.match (/ [az] + / gi)); / / alerts "This, is, just, a, string, with, some, and, some, mixed, in "

In this regular expression, we created a paradigm, can match one or more uppercase or lowercase letters. Thanks to the "i" modifier. Except, we also added the "g" to declare global search. The above code will display "This, is, just, a, string, with, some, and, some, mixed, in." Then, if you want to access variables in the array in one of these values, we need only quote the corresponding The index can be.

var string = 'This is just a string with some 12345 and some! @ # $ mixed in.'; var matches = string.match (/ [az] + / gi); alert (matches [2]); / / alerts "just"

Separate e-mail address

To practice, we try to an e-mail address ( divided into two corresponding parts: user name and domain name, ie nettuts and tutsplus.

var email = ''; alert (email.replace (/ ([a-zd_-]+)@([ a-zd_-]+).[ az] (2,4) / ig, ' $ 1, $ 2 ')); / / alerts "nettuts, tutsplus"

If the regular expression, you're the new kids, the above code may seem a little scary. Do not worry, for the first time will feel that "terrorist." Once it is broken down into one of a small subset, you will find really very simple. Let us analyze each one:

. Replace (/ ([a-zd_-] +)

From the middle of view, we want to search for any letters, numbers, underscores or hyphens, and match one or more times (+). Whether matching is above the value we want to visit, so to put in parentheses. In this way, we will later apply this matching subset.

@ ([A-zd_-] +)

Immediately before a match, we see that @ symbol, then there is a group of one or more letters, numbers, underscores and hyphens. Similarly, we will put it in brackets, for later access.

. [A-z] (2,4) / ig,

Keep looking, we see a point. Because the regular expression, the period can represent any character (except newline at times), so you must use "" to escape. The last section is used to find ". Com". We know that most of the domain name, if not all, the suffix 2 to 4 characters (com, edu, net, name, etc.). If you find the specific range, we can first use a more conventional symbols, such as backup bin conf config data eshow_sitemap.html log maint sitemap.html svn tmp or +. However, we are here is to put a big number 2 in parentheses, maximum and minimum values respectively.

'$ 1, $ 2')

The last part of the methods that replace the second argument, or we will match the character set you want to replace the object. Here, we use $ 1 and $ 2 respectively, to reference stored in the first and second values in parentheses. For this particular example, the $ 1 point nettuts, $ 2 point tutsplus.

The location of objects to create your own

As a final project, we will create the position of the object. Position objects to provide users with information about the current page: href, protocol, address, port, etc.. Please note that here only as an exercise. For a real web site, you can use the existing location of the object.

First we create the position function, the function accepts a single parameter that we want to "decode" the web site, we will call it "loc".

function loc (url) ()

Now we can call it the following way, and pass a mess url:

var l = loc (' # theHashGoesHere');

Next, we need to return the object that contains multiple methods.

function loc (url) (return ())

Search (search)

We will not create all the methods, but we will copy a few. The first is the "search". Use regular expressions, we will search url and return the entire contents of the query string.

return (search: function () (return url.match (/?(.+)/ i) [1]; / / returns "somekey = somevalue & anotherkey = anothervalue # theHashGoesHere"))

In the above code, we use the incoming url, try to use our regular expression to match his. The regular expression search string in the question mark, question mark indicates that the query string (querystring) start. In this position, we need to Austria for the rest of the characters, which is the (. +) Into the brackets. Finally, we need to return to the character blocks, hence the use of [1] to locate it.

Hash (Hash)

Now we will create a method, returns url's hash value, or the # contents of the back.

hash: function () (return url.match (/#(.+)/ i) [1]; / / returns "theHashGoesHere"),

This time, we search for the # sign, the same, get behind the characters using the brackets and use [1] point to that specific subset.


protocol method should return, the agreement used by the page, you may have guessed. Such agreements usually http or https.

protocol: function () (return url.match (/ (ht | f) tps?: / i) [0]; / / returns 'http:'),

This is a slightly more complicated, because there are several options: http, https and ftp.

Although you can use this format (http | https | ftp), but using (ht | f) tps? More concise, that we first find the "ht" or "f" character, the next step, match the "tp" character. The final "s" is optional, so we added a question mark, question mark before the character that appears zero or one.


This is the last method, returns the page url.

href: function () (return url.match (/(.+.[ az] (2,4)) / ig); / / returns "")

Here, we match all the characters until you find a dot, the point behind No. 2 - 4 characters (for com, au, edu, name, etc.). Important is aware that these expressions, we can write very complex and can write very simple, we ask how this is rigorous.

A simple function

function loc (url) (return (search: function () (return url.match (/?(.+)/ i) [1];), hash: function () (return url.match (/#(.+ ) / i) [1];), protocol: function () (return url.match (/ (ht | f) tps ?:/)[ 0];), href: function () (return url.match (/ (.+.[ az] (2,4)) / ig);)))

Use this function above, we could be very simple to show each part of the web site:

var l = loc (' # hash'); alert (l.href ()); / / alert ( l.protocol ()); / / http:...etc.

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